Tis the season to be jolly, falalalala lalalala!

So This month is Christmas and I am already putting fairy lights up in my room, (Although, they look so pretty at night that I probably won’t want to put them down.) But I still need to buy presents for my family and friends, one problem; I have no money. That’s why this year I decided to try and do alot of little things for everybody.

I was vigorously watching youtube trying to find some help when I stumbled upon a great idea. All I need to do is buy a dollar shop shop cute little box and put a lot of things they like in. Like for my mum, I would put in a packet of milk bottles, toffee biscuits from bakery and something else she likes to eat. Or I could do a pamper set and put in a load of  body washes and moisturisers. The best part about this is that you can personalise it to their liking or even just put in a whole bunch  of candy for your friends.

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas this year and try buying some presents for your parents this year, you’ll be happy with yourself afterwards.
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Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson is my all time favorite writer. She writes about things that happen in real life, her books always make me feel like I’m there watching as the paragraph plays out.

Every one of her books I enjoy. Her readers vary in age from about age 8-15. She writes a great selection of books for different age groups.

Jacqueline would often fill Woolworths note books up completely with her stories. Although she was very good at english, she stared out the window at maths, imagining.

She left school at age sixteen and attended secretary training but then applied to work with the dundee-based publishing company on a girls magazine called Jackie. When she decided to focus on writing she finished a few crime fiction novels before deciding to do mainly children’s novels. But her biggest accomplishment was The Story of Tracy Beaker which was later turned into a T.V series. It was about and orphan named Tracy Beaker who has a very adventurous spirit and lives life “On the edge”. Tracy Beaker has a hard life in her orphanage with bullies and horrible teachers but she manages to get through it.

I recommend any Jacqueline Wilson book as they are probably all as interesting as the ones I’ve read. Each one of her books has me biting my nails till the end. One of her later books I have read almost made me cry, there was a hugely unsuspected twist at the end that made me want to give the character a giant hug!

I love reading Jacqueline Wilson books on the coach with a nice cool drink to have in the summer.

Skinny Legs And All
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Holidays ~ Term 4

How did those two weeks go by so fast? I don’t know but I sure do miss them *Looks into the sky as if there is a magical floating picture*.

And so the story begins…..

My holidays started out pretty ordinary and ended pretty boring, but there were a few things that stuck out to me. Like when I went to a cafe` with Brooke.

I was first dropped of at Brookes house. Brooke greeted me and we made our way to the Library. We had a ponder around some books but Brooke ended up on her ipod and I was reading an abundance of magazines. We soon got hungry and headed to the Cafe` Novella next to us. Everything looked delicious but Brooke insisted I get the iced chocolate. Along with that I got a citrus slice. Brooke ordered an iced chocolate and a roll with butter. It was delicious!

We stood outside the cafe` waiting for my mum. We had a good gossip session but were happy to go home. When we dropped Brooke of at her house we sprinted forward to ask her mum if Brooke could stay at my house. Brooke was aloud to come. We had a lot of fun with false eyelashes and makeup but Brooke had to go.

My Holidays were really fun, how was yours?


Reading is a really fun way to take a break from technology and enjoy the quite.  I love to read at home and cuddle up with a good book and hot chocolate next to the fireplace

When you read you not only are increasing your vocabulary but are enjoying your self as well. There are many different types of books. Personally I like a classic realistic fiction but you could be in to mystery, Non fiction, history, graphic novels, anything. The possibility’s for reading are endless!

One of my favourite writers of all time is Jacqueline Wilson. She writes about problems that other children’s book writers ignore. Never does one of her books disappoint me and they always have a happy ending (Pretend I didn’t say that). Her books always have me reading until the early hours and I recommend her to an age group of 9-14.

My goal for reading this year is to read different genres and to ask myself questions about what I’m reading, what I think is going to happen next and how I think the story is going to end with the information that I have been given.

Books can be considered visual movies with no sound. For instance, non fiction could be documentary’s, mystery books speak for themselves, realistic fiction could be  a chick flick.

I love reading and you should too!
How to spend a lazy Summer afternoon
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Trip to Napier and Netball

It was the morning of the semifinals and I was excited!

I was ready to go out and play my best. Soon I was to be picked up from my grandmas along with my over night bag and water bottle. If our team didn’t win this then it was the last game of the season. As I faced a long tedious pep-talk from my godmother about “enjoying yourself” and “Good Sportsmanship” in the car, butterflies were racing each other round in my tummy for what seemed like a good hour.

We eventually arrived at the courts on time. The game was so fast that no one could keep track of the score.

As the game came to a tired end the team was eager to know what the score was. We won!! Time to take that hot shower I had been waiting for.

We had a late break fast before we set off for Napier. My Godmother and Godfather (Micheal and Margaret.) piled into the car to go to Napier. The ride was so.. boring, good thing I had a whole pile of magazines to get me through it.

When we arrived at the motel I went up to see my mum and brother. The reason being that I had the semi finals the day after mum dad and my brother Joseph had to go up to Napier for a concert so I was taken up for one night after netball. After a quick change into some different clothes we went to pick up my dad.

I had a great weekend! How was yours?

Walk to Nikau Vally

It was a freezing morning as I slowly arose from my bed. I stumbled out and made a B-line through the hallway into the kitchen.

“No Cereal? Guess it will have to be toast,” I said grabbing a packet of chippies.

“It’s the holidays, who cares?” I mumbled.

That was the beginning of my day….

As it began to feel mildly warmer, mum Joseph and I decided to go for a walk to Nikau Vally. As we set off in the car I was getting quite nervous. Are we going to get lost and never return? What if there is a bad guy just waiting to kidnap us? about a thousand possibility were whizzing through my head at the speed of light. I might be over exaggerating a tiny bit but I was legitimately quite scared.

Once we got there we headed into the walk. All my worries vanished as we slowly trudged up the hill. looking up you could see the light shining through the nikaus and the green outline of the leaves. There was a faint smell of swamp mixed in with the smell you get when it has just been raining.

As we slowly neared the top my legs were starting to ache. Perfect for a lunch of chocolate figures and water.

The view from the top was amazing and hopefully I can go again!

My Brothers “Torturing” Birthday Party.

Screams of excitement and too much sugar pierced my ear.  I could already tell this was going to be a long day..

For my brothers Birthday my dad had decided to let him have three boys over and go to the movies. Big mistake. Cake+Pink sugary juice= No peace.

When all of the boys had come we sat down for a yummy lunch of sausage rolls, cupcakes  and a whole lot of sugar, I knew the quiet wasn’t going to last long, we only had silence until the food ran out. That lasted about ten minutes, after that it was sward, fighting fake poo, and a run-away boy. (Don’t ask)

Before we went to see Muppets Most Wanted dad bought everybody a mini snack pack from the snack and refreshments desk.  I really enjoyed the movie and it had a great ending. I still don’t think it was as good as the old Muppet movies.

That was my weekend.

Happy Blogging!

Great DIY Gift Idea for your Family

OK, so we all have problems getting our parents/siblings cheap but not so cheap that they fall apart presents, right (right). Well here is a present that you can give to anyone of them, a personalized mug!

What you will need:

1. A black sharpie or permanent marker depending on how many colors you want on it. (Permanent marker best.)

2. A plane white mug of your choice.

3. A few sheets of newspaper.

4. An oven. Make sure to get permission from one of your parents before you do this.

Place the few sheets of paper under your mug and permanent marker(s). Now make sure you know what you want o draw before you start, you can lightly trace it out with a pencil  if needed but be careful because you can accidentally rub it out too. After you have drawn the design you want on the mug get the parent you aren’t doing it for to help you bake it in the oven on 220 C on bake for maybe about ten minutes, this just helps it seal so it won’t come of when your washing it.

DIY mug


There you have it, a great cheap present!

I am not responsuible if it comes out in the wash so just be careful.


Attribution:  Ski Chalet snowflake stencil mug

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

For our classes leadership program, I chose to learn about Mozart. First of all, I’m just going to quickly point out that his first name Wolfgang isn’t pronounced like Wolf-gang.

Mozart grew up in the capital of Austria, Vienna in a place called Salzburg. At four he and his family- Mum, Dad sister and him, toured around to lots of different places and he and his sister where considered child musical prodigies. While doing this, Mozart got lots of privileges, like meeting Johann Christian Bach. Bach was a really big influence on Mozart and because of that Mozart might be as famous as he is now.

After one year in Salzburg Leopold (Mozart’s dad) and Mozart set of for Italy and left Mozart’s mother and sister behind. Traveling was often difficult and the conditions were very poor, so that enabled Mozart’s family to go without invitation.

Mozart was a great musician and composed many thing including opera, sonatas, concertos, symphonies, and string quartets.


Technology Center

Every Friday the year seven and eight students go to our local Technology center. It’s a fun place to learn new things and when you get to the cooking classes, let’s just say even my food tastes good!

In cooking classes you make a variety of foods. It includes:

Macaroni and cheese!

This weird small rice stuff and roast veg!


Blue-berry Muffins!

Chocolate slice!

Salsa and Potato chips!

Hungry-teens-cake, (strange name, I know!)

Stuffed Potato

And I can’t remember anymore! I haven’t been to any of the other “courses” yet but I hope to have as much fun with them as I did with cooking.

I recommend my technology center to anyone, any technology center if probably fun actually.